DJ-1A3  is suitable for many kinds of powder pack in bag or bottle ,pack weight 50-500g.

Machine feature:

1.25L sideopen hopper ,easy to clean 

2.Packaging powdery in 50-500g bottle or bag

3.Servo motor drive the auger ,got high accuracy .

4.Have one stir on the hopper ,assure the powder fill in the auger .

5. Chinese/English or custom your language in the touch screen.

6.Reasonable mechanical structure, easy to change size parts and clean up.

7.Through changing accessories, the machine is suitable for various powder products.

8. We use famous brand electric ,more steady.

9.We match one vacuum cleaner ,collect dust and easy to clean the machine.

Machine parameters:

Package Weight10-500g (by changing  auger )
Package Accuracy≤±0.3-1%(according to the pack weight )
Packaging Speed15-60bags/min
Power Supply380V/220V    50-60Hz
Hopper Volume25L
Total Power 1.2Kw
Total Weight150Kg
Overall Dimensions800x700x1900mm
Operating InterfacePLC control  5.7 inch colorful touch screen

DJ-1A3 semi-automatic 50-500g tin powder filling machine