DJ-5000 tunnel sterilizer, which can thoroughly disinfect the items, is the preferred disinfection equipment for bulk materials entering the aseptic workshop.



Machine feature:

1.The tunnel sterilizer can kill the bacteria virus on the outer layer of the package, and the rollers in the tunnel convey 360 degrees of no-angle ultraviolet sterilization. Except for the motor and bearing, the whole is made of 304 stainless steel. The thickness of the skeleton stainless steel square tube or folding plate is not less than 2mm. The product can thoroughly disinfect the articles, which is the preferred disinfection equipment for the large package materials entering the aseptic workshop.

2.the equipment is food production, medical, health, bacterial research, pharmaceutical industry, the removal of the outer bag into the sterile workshop pre-sterilization equipment.

3.with other products of our company can form an automated production line channel: bulk large package powder, large package skin UV sterilization, unpacking, mixing, sieving, temporary storage, metering, filling.

4.the tunnel sterilization machine is stable and durable, with less maintenance costs.



Machine parameters:

Technical parameters

The name

Bag tunnel sterilization machine

Machine speed

5-10 m/min

The power supply

Three-phase 380 v 50 to 60 hz

The engine power

3 kw

The weight

500 kg

Machine sizes 5000 x1100x1200mm. 


Other specifications can be customized



DJ-5000 25kg bag food spice powder sterilization machine useed to Mexico customer site