Machine Name10-head combination scale 
Weigh range10-2000g 
Weighing accuracy±3-5g(According to the material ) 
Max weighing speed30-60 bags/min 
Hopper container 2L 
Overall dimension 1300*1100*3100mm 
Power 5KW 50HZ-60HZ /380V 
Pure/total weigh800Kg 

DJ-10D250 Automatic combination scale grain packing machine
This machine is automatic grain pack machine :suitable for 50-3000g ;different type grain like nuts ,chips ,candy and Frozen product ;filling in Composite film bag ,speed 35-50 bags per min .

1. Combination scale, picking the best combination through the computer,got high accuracy and speed .

2. High-precision digital weighing sensor make sure the measure realized.

3. Chinese/English or custom your language shows on the touch screen,can save 10 kinds of working parameters in it.

4. Design of dust-proof and water-proof of IP65 system. All the parts of machine is made by stainless steel, very cleanly. The whole close prevent the accumulation of material, easy for clean.

5. You can adjust the speed of material-door’s open according to the feature of material, prevent of material’s break.

6. The automatic date statistical functions records every bags, pass rate and deviation during a produce.

7. Optional equipment: Patterned hopper, material hopper, printing set and other set.

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