(Summary description)Today we will continue our last files, tell you how to choose the right auger powder filling machine from a foreigner supplier.

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This is jolin from 14 Years experience, Shanghai Dingjiang Pack Machine Factory, Focus on powder grain pack machine and packing line.

Today we will continue our last files, tell you how to choose the right auger powder filling machine from a foreigner supplier.

This time we will speak on the professional view, tell you how to choose the professional powder filling packing machine factory rather than a trader without experience.

By the professional view, company can be rank four type also, professional factory with foreigner trade team; trader with lot experience for different type sales; Soho with some experience but just one people work with some customer and supplier; Factory without foreigner trade experience.

First level is professional factory with foreigner trade team, they focus on their main powder filling machine filed, like powder sachet packing machine, powder bottle filling machine. Their machine cover different powder pack, semi automatic powder filling machine, full automatic powder packing machine, automatic powder tin packing line, automatic powder bag sachet packing machine, 25kg milk powder pack machine etc. Their packing machine not include all type, do their professional and make it well.

Some supplier they supply all type powder filling machine, that means they do not have their own auger powder filling machine, just buy different type and sell.

Also with their foreigner trade team, they can give good service for you. The most important  thing is that their factory together with their office, so when you have any questions, they can show you powder filling packing machine in factory as soon as possible, you can also have video chat with them directly to see all machine details, then it is more easy to understand any question for you soon.

As for after sales service, In the factory have many powder packaging equipment there, when you use machine met any problem, they can show you guide video soon with machine directly, more easy to understand and solve the problem soon for you.

These are the advantages of them, so when you buy powder weighing filling machine, please remember one thing is that, choose a professional supplier with good service is very important for you, It will make you use powder filler machine smoothly and do not need worry about service.

Second level, trader with lot experience for different type sales.

They do not have their own factory or they just do one type powder filling machine and all others buy in and sell to you, in this way, you will be add a lot price on auger filler machine and also as they are not so professional to powder filling and sealing machine for service will be a little slow, but they do have service also, if they cooperated factory is good enough, your service will be not a problem just a little slow. While if they cooperate factory not good quality and service, you will be the one pay for it. So it is quite dangerous also.

Third Level, Soho with some experience but just one people work with some customer and supplier.

This type company mostly is they established themself company after they work in a big company and have some steady customer and also enough suppliers, so they jumped out have their own business.

Work with these company, if you know them well and cooperated before, they are very reliable and each work doing well, it is lucky for you to know them and can keep your cooperate with them. For new customer, you need know them well before cooperate, first you can check their company files, then ask their cooperated customer feedback. Also can check their website machine quality and business range, see whether they met your requirement.

Work with them, their professional and service is the two key point you need care.

Fourth Level, Factory without foreigner trade experience. They are factory do domestic business, but they do not have foreigner sales team to market their powder packing machine to foreigner country, so mostly they work with Soho or traders to sale their milk powder filling machine.

For this type supplier, usually you can not touch with them directly because communication is very trouble, between your guys need third party to handle all details.

This type cooperate will be a trouble, so usually not recommend.

That is our today’s short view on how to choose powder filling machine supplier -02, As one 14 years experience professional sales in powder granule liquid packing machine field, We know much more than your buyers, many thing from your view and from us are totally different, what I can do is let you know more details before you buy powder filling machine, and also Don't be deceived because you don't understand.

If you still have any question about how to choose the right powder packaging machine, welcome contact me anytime.


Looking forward to receiving your questions, I will be more than happy to help you guys.

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